Baby update – 8 months

69 cm & 7530g

Oh my, so much have happend in a couple of weeks. She no longer stays where you put her. Really have to watch her all the time. Spins around, throws herself after toys and is now crawling both forward and backwards. ”Mamma” & ”Pappa” is so far her only words.


She sleeps in our bed at night and 2-3 times during the day. I nurse her a couple of times during the night but not so much that it disturbs our sleep.

During the day she often falls asleep outside in her stroller and at night she goes to bed at the same time as us and then I’m breastfeeding her to sleep.

We therefore spend very little time getting her to fall asleep. So grateful for that!


Astrid is usually starting the day with some pieces of egg and avokado that shes eating by herself.

When we eat lunch and dinner she gets something as well, mostly veggies. She still gets the majority of her ”food” from me and that works good for both of us.

Sometimes I make my own porridge before bed but usually i just nurse her.


Been hormonally out of balance a while now. Got my period back and then lost it again. Think it’s normal to be a bit off when youre still nursing. Just dont feel like myself sometimes. Hope it gets better soon! Other then that Its super.