28 mar: DIY: Sänghimmel

Sydde en sänghimmel för ett tag sedan. Av ett par gamla gardiner och en metallring från ”skapamer”, diameter 40cm.
Väldigt enkelt, billigt & kul. Både jag & Astrid gillar den mycket!

För toppen, klipp ut 6st trianglar, 40x20cm. Sy sedan ihop dem och fäst ett band högst upp i önskad längd. Gör en fålla till metallringen och sy sedan ihop toppen med längderna. Voila!

29 nov: Baby snake pillow diy

Todays project, sewed a ”snake” pillow for Astrid to cuddle with. Don’t like snakes so made a rubbit instead.

Really easy to make and took less then an hour.

Material cost 20kr (wadding and fabric bought on a fleamarket)

25 nov: ”Myspöl” diy

Sewed a ”myspöl” yesterday out of five covers and a pair of curtains, all from IKEA. Very simple and a lot cheaper then buying a pöl online.

  • Started with the bottom. Folded three covers double and then cut out a circle, about 100cm in diameter. (6X 100cm round cover pieces)
  • Took the fabric and cut out two bigger circles (2x110cm round fabric pieces)
  • I then sewed the cover parts together with one of the fabric parts. (To keep them in place)
  • And then I sewed the two fabric parts together.
  • For the edge I started with cutting out 2x 150x60cm rectangular pieces. Folded them and then sewed them onto the circle. (Like two flat tunnels attached on the circle)
  • I filled the edge with two covers and then sewed together the open sides by hand.
  • At last I turned the whole thing so that the seam came on the inside, hidden by the puffy wall. And done!

Took a couple of hours (2-3) and the cost for the material landed around 400kr.

Astrid already likes it alot! So good now that she’s sitting, but still falls over a lot.

20 sep: DIY: Baby book

Have made Astrid a soft baby book, with adventure theme of course. Used a cotton fabric I had at home for the pages and the animals are made with felt fabric from Panduro. Added a layer of paper inside the pages and ears for a funny sound.