Been struggeling with cramps in my stomach since childhood, now I will once and for all find out what is wrong so I can live a life without pain again.

03 jan: IBS and pregnant

Since the beginning of my pregnancy my stomach is doing soo much better. No cramps! Am still avoiding gluten and lactose though. Don´t see any bigger reason in putting them back into my life again. Will although try to learn my stomach to manage them by trying a smaller piece once in a while, so that maybe I can eat everything after the pregnancy as well. Will help a lot while away. Have tried to eat a little of both gluten and lactose and a little seems fine, I can see it right away on my face though, not fun.

Othervise the pregnancy goes well, have been nauseas but never thrown up and I´ve been so tired, especially the first trimester. Other then that Im as fine as ever, can even work out now that my IBS-cramps stopped!

16 aug: Swim-run AW

Finished the day with a lovely swim + easy running workout with some wonderful colleagues in the lake close to the office. Even if was for just 5 min runs between the swims it felt really nice. Been a long time since I was running last and the stomach maneged fine.

02 aug: Lunån

Biked to Lunån today, was recommended by a colleage and it was really beautiful, a lot of animals and a nice café. From Falun it was 55k all together. Really nice but my stomach was hurting a lot on the ride back.

24 maj: IBS

Läkaren har kommit fram till att jag har IBS, en känslig tarm som reagerar på vissa livsmedel. Gick på en info-kurs som förespråkar fodmap, där man tar bort de livsmedel som irriterar ett par veckor och sedan kontrollerat tar dem tillbaka.

Just nu kan jag utesluta allt för att undvika krampen i magen. Men gillar inte att utesluta saker som är nyttiga, som avokado, men förhoppningsvis kommer jag att kunna ta tillbaka det snart.