Naturlig livsstil

13 okt: Natural skincare

I think it´s really fun with skincare and beauty products. Have tried many different brands and products over the years. Has taken me through the jungle, been tricked by several ”miracle products” and with professional help learned more about my particular skin type. Good facecare products have always been important to me since I have a sensitive skin. However, it´s only the last year that I have switched to completely organic products, even for my body.

Why organic:
Safer for my skin and health, the planet and animals.
Our skin is our largest organ and what you put on it is just as important to your health and well-being as what you eat.

When it comes to skincare I don´t think I ever will use anything other then certified organic. I just don´t want any bullshit on/in my body, but it´s hard to know who to trust. The truth is, anyone can use the word “natural” on their packaging if they feature one or several natural ingredients (among synthetics, chemical preservatives and fillers). The sad reality is that there are absolutely no standards or certifiers controlling the use of the word “natural” in the marketplace so it has never been more important for consumers to read labels and research which companies are in fact trustworthy.

To be certified organic, on the other hand, demands total transparency and involves a rigorous verification process of the quality and handling of ingredients. Be sure to watch out for companies that claim to be organic but are not certified.

Skincare face:
In the morning I wash my face with a cleanser from Kora Organics. Spray my face with a freshener(neroli) from Maria Åkerberg. Then use the Noni glow face oil toghether with the face cream for sensitive skin both from Kora organics. (I used all Maria Å before but found that Kora workes better for my sensitive skin. Before that I made my own stuff by mixing organic oils. That was fun, and worked well for my skin, but I like my rutine right now better)

If my lips feels a bit dry I use a Lip care from Maria Åkerberg. (Use Vanilla right now but think, Liquorice is my favorite)

Once a week I use the papaya peeling and face mask gentle from Maria Åkerberg.

When it comes to make up I use an eyebrow pen and a concealer from Maria Åkerberg. Most days thats it but if I want to feel extra fancy I use a foundation powder, rough, bronzer, eye shadow and mascara from IDUN.

Skincare body:
In the shower I use the aleppo soap or any other organic soap for washing. Right now we have one from Burt´s bees. I also scrub my body with a round brush from Iris Hantverk every morning. Dry or in the shower depending on time, baby and mood.

I then use a bodylotion from Urtekram, my favorite is Lavendel. Organic, cheap and smells so good without containing any perfume.

I have tried a couple of different organic deodarants over the years, most of them have disappointed me, all except Unisex from Care of Gerd. Love it and will probably use it daily for the rest of my life!

At home I wash my hands with a soap from La:Bruket, the one with lavendel and salvia. Also have the hand cream in the same scent, With all the diaper changing it becomes a lot of hand washing so am glad to have one that doesnt dry my hand out completly.

When my hand feels dry I use a hand cream from Weleda, Citrus.

I rarely ever use perfume anymore but If i do I got a natural one from Bon 100. Would´nt drink it, but is hopefully much better than regular perfume.

01 jun: Natural kitchen

Have gone through the kitchen and got rid of a lot of bad stuff (from a chemical point of veiw).

First things first. Plastic is a good material, but not when it´s warm and not in our body. So I started to get rid of all plastic that comes in contact with heat (Chemicals from the plastic releases in heat) and then got a bit carried away…

  • Got rid of our old teflon pans and got two lightweigh cast iron pans instead. Bough one new and one on a fleamarket, thats the charm with cast iron, the older the better!
  • Got rid of all plastic lunch boxes and got glass ones instead. Kept the small plastic ones, perfect for salad and to bring fika on adventures.
  • Got rid of all plastic kitchen tools and got stainless/wooden ones instead.
  • Got rid of our plastic strainer and got a stainless instead.
  • Got rid of all plastic cutting boards and got wooden ones instead.

Also changed to…

  • Fabric dishclothes
  • Natural dish bruches
  • Cellulose sponges
  • Natural dish soap
  • Natural cleaning products

Still havn´t changed to natural dish washer machine products. But will do when I run out.

I almost changes our plastic bowels to stainless ones but did´nt becouse of the prices. Didn´t feel that important ater all, a plastic bowl used exclusively for cold things is not dangerous for anyone anyway.

I almost got rid of all plastic water bottles but Robin made me realize that they are pretty good to have when exercising (even if I only drink from my Kleen canteen bottle then as well).

I almost bough washable coffee filters, and then I almost sewed own ones, haha. Yes I could save some money and spare myself and the enviroment from some chemicals, but when it came down to it, it felt like to much effort.

15 maj: Natural oil skin care

Have bought a couple of different organic oils and bottles from Opella to make my own skin care. Fun, natural and comparatively cheap.

For the face oil I used: Almond, argan, jojoba, sesame and wheat germ oil.
For the clensing oil I used: Ricin, almond, argan & jojoba oil.
For the body oil I used: Almond, argan, jojoba, sesame oil and essential lavender oil.

Exciting to see how my skin will react.

18 apr: Natural baby care

When it comes to baby-skincare we´ll be using as few and as friendly products as possible. Mostly ECO, but same as with everything, just because it says ECO doesnt mean it´s good for you and the other way around. So after ”some” googling, and gah, it´s a jungle out theere, I went for a brand I truly trust, Maria Åkerberg.

Will be starting with the Baby oil and Baby care balm. The oil for washing her body and hair/baths/massages and to lubricate the baby. The balm for her little butt when changing the diaper and if she gets dry. Like that they are multi-products and can be used for a lot of different stuff and that they are organic and nice to the skin.

Have gotten samples of soaps, creams and shampoos but it feels wrong to use a lot of stuff on their small and delicate bodys, so´i’ll probably sell those (like everything else I don´t see any point in owning).

Have gotten some tests of zink & nipple-creams that I heard can be a lifesaver, so we´ll keep those. As well as the packages of baby wipes, although I think it contains a lot of unnecessary stuff. So the wipes will only be used when we´re on the run, not at home. At home it´s small washable towels or dry washcloths with water + MÅ´s Baby oil.

When It comes to diapers… I´m a bit curious to combine with fabric diapers when we´re at home, Robin is not, so we’ll see how it goes. Initially, we will go for disposable diapers eighter way.


Hair care

When I was born, the mother thought I had a fur-hat on me because I had so much curly hair. Robin was also hairy so our baby will probably have a lot on her head as well.

My thought is that we´ll wash her hair with oil from the start but if that works fine I don´t see any need in introducing a shampoo at all. She´ll become a No Poo´er  just like her mom ;)

The brush is a extra soft super-duper-eco-planet saver kind of brush from Redecker, suitable for babies. Will really come in handy if she looks anything like I did. Here I guess any soft brush will do but once you start going for more sustainable alternatives it´s hard to stop.



A pacifier made out of natural rubber that I got from my friends on the shower. Without plastic, poison, chemicals, BPA and phthalates. I´m sure there are many good pacifiers out there that´s super-safe to have in the mouth, I´m just to lazy to find them so´ll go for safe cards.



Almost all the clothes we have are bought second hand (Tradera & flea markets). For two reasons, economic and chemical. Baby clothes are crazy expesive considered the time they can use them. It´s also good for the baby if the clothes have been washed multiple times before use. So win-win.

However, I’m kinda superficial and want my baby to look good/cool, so even if quality and feeling´s ranked the highest on my list appearence is an important factor as well. Some brands that I like a little more and search for everyday is: By Heritage, Mini rodini and Livly. But I really like Newbie and Polarn & pyret as well and that´s easy to find cheap. Have made a lot of bargains and will probably be able to sell the peices for the same amount after use, if I don´t save them for siblings… (After buying both from others and from stores I wash the pieces with an organic detergent without perfume from sonett)

Some things are just to cute to wait and find 2nd hand, like this hat from Konges Slöjd with lemons that I really needed, lemons are my biggest craving right now so I just couldn´t stop myself.



*I have never changed a diaper, washed a baby or yeah, anything. But I know it´s a world filled with shitty-products out there so I will fight for a clean enviorment for my baby, at least at home, everyday. /Just a mom to be trying to figure stuff out!



06 apr: Natural shower

Here´s the only products I use in the shower.

A soap from Dr.Bronners made out of organic oils. The one we have is unscented unlike their other soaps. They probably smells better but I like it as clean as possible and it´s a big plus that it´s baby friendly. I have replaced the cork with a pump, think that´s more practical.

Dr. Bronners soaps can be used for almost everything, from baby care to cleaning your car. I use this in the shower for cleaning my body and as a shaving cream together with my safety-razor with replaceable blades.

I have heard that it´s good for cleaning your hair as well (and works with no-poo) so maybee I will use it for that when I´m finished with the Brun 03 conditioner, depending of our financial situation at the moment ; ) Apart from beeing expensive, Bruns 03 is the best conditioner I have tried, even though I like the idea of reducing yet another hygiene product.

When I feel a little dry, I use a body-buff from Eco Tools. That´s it!