Making my own Kombucha

Have made my own Kombucha. So good and easy! Kombucha is a fermentated tea with a rich source of probiotics that provide your gut with healthy bacteria.

First you need a Scopy, water, a big glass jar, a cloth + rubber band, suger, tea, a couple of bottels.


3 liters of water
4 tablespoons tea (or 8 teabags)
3 dl raw sugar
10% Starter culture

Boil the water, put in the tea, pour in the sugar and stir. Let cool to room temperature. Strain away the tea leaves (or remove the tea bags) and pour into a large, clean glass jar. Add kombucha (start culture) and add SCOBY. Tighten a thin piece of cloth as a lid using a rubber band. Allow the glass jar to remain undisturbed at room temperature for 7-12 days.

Taste after day 7 and then every day until you are satisfied with the taste. It will start sweet and go to sour. (I waited 8 days)

When your are happy you can eighter put it in bottles and be finished or add flavour and let it fermentate one more time by letting the closed bottles stay 1-3 days in room temperature. The longer you wait the more bubbles, but if you wait too long the bottles can explode! Once put in the refrigerator the fermentation stops.

I did some bottles with pomegranate, some with ginger and some mango flavoring. They all tasted so good!

Make sure to save the scopy with a couple deciliters of kombucha for your next batch.

Am already excited for my next time, just gotta let the scoby rest for two weeks first.