Some of the design I´ve made. The work done in my proffession as Industrial Designer are confidential and will not be shown until launch. If you need help with something design-related, send me an email at

X5000 secure fit helmet
Last April poster 2018
Beata Bermuda poster
Marker sketch
3M Integrated glasses
Strandbacken poster
Child poster
Snow white poster
Last April poster 2017
Reflective for industral helmet
World Aid Active
WAA poster
Marker sketch
Screen design WEAREONE galan
NEWI – Inspiration site
Photograph – Vietnamese street
Photograph – Vietnamese mother
Komidsommar poster
Industrial design – Personal Safety Equipment for high heat
Sketch with markers
Last April posters
Industrial design – Ski lift
Bookcover illustration
Charity meeting invitation
Pernilla Nolåkers
Industrial Designer