Baby bottle

I really hope I can breast-feed the baby but I´m fully aware of that it can be tricky, maybee I won´t even be able to. Have bought a baby bottle in case we need to give her milk that way. I really wanted a glass one and after reading about different kind of bottles I went for a NUK – Nature sense.

My hoping is that she can, at least after a while, eat both from the breast and bottle so that Robin could feed her occasionally. Maybee wishful thinking but if you never try you never know.

Why glass?
Mostly because of the chemicals. Plastics have been shown to leach chemicals throughout their use, ecpacially when heated. The most concerning plastics are those labeled #3 polyvinyl chloride, which contain phthalates, #6 polystyrene and #7 polycarbonates which contain BPA. Still, even BPA-free plastics have some cause for concern. That’s why I´m choosing glass over plastic for our baby bottles.