december 5, 2018

Baby update – 6 months

67 cm & 7060g

Our little baby girl is getting big, 6 months today! Enjoying every day and love watching her explore her surrundings. She’s getting so aware of things around her and our cat and her grandparents dogs are so much fun right now. She can sit and stand if she has something to hold onto but she can’t crawl. She makes a lot of sounds and it really sounds like ”hej”, ”pappa” and ”mamma” sometimes.

She loves to bath and we have started with baby-swimming. Only gone one time so far but I think it will be great!

Feeding situation

She has begun to eat a small lunch, and she likes it. Usually she gets some veggies that she can hold/pick and eat by herself, (broccoli is her favorite. Have also tested some organic meals from Alex&Phil. Think they seems to have honest and healthy stuff and Astrid likes them as well. Even if we will try to cook food for her most days its nice to have a couple of ready meals at home.

Only bad thing is that they are tog big for her to finish before they turn bad (an open container manage 24h). Half the size would be better for us right now but I guess I could freeze half of the amount just a well.

Other than a meal for lunch and porridge before bed I will continue to breast feed her until she doesnt want it anymore (or until she starts to bite me). She still has no teeths yet but think it’s on the way.

Sleep situation

Astrid still sleeps in our bed at night and it’s so simple and cozy. Have no decire to put her in her own bed. We all sleep so good in each others company,

We usuallly go to bed around 21:30 and up around 8:30.

I nurse her to sleep. During the night I breast feed her when she wants to, usually 2-3 times. We both are a sleep again after 10 mins.


I feel so good right now, much better then before the pregnancy. Can eat everything without stomach cramps and can workout without pain. So thankful! Will continue to focus a lot on core streght now that Astrid is getting heavier.