oktober 5, 2018

Baby utdate – 4 months

63cm & 6000g

Our little baby is becoming a girl and it´s so crazy how much she´s grown the last weeks.

She´s so fun to be around and so cozy! The very last week has been tough though. She´s going through a phase and has been a bit harder to satisfy, especially around other people

She has started to use her voice more to make noices, lots of them. So far it´s only cute. She laughs more as well and I just die of cuteness every time!


At night she still sleeps in our bed. We have put her bed besides our, mostly so that she won´t be able to roll out of bed at night. Her bed is for now only used by the cat.

We go to sleep around 22 and goes up around 8-9 Between that I feed her about 3-4 times, don´t really know though I more or less feed her in my sleep lying down.


Am still breastfeeding her and it goes wery vell. Shes growing and I don´t mind it. I actually think it´s really cosy. We have also started introducing a couple flavours know that she´s allow to taste real food. Think avokado is the favorite so far.