september 27, 2017


Spent the last 3 days in Budapest. Walking around in the beautiful city. Played cards in a tree. Took a swim in a thermal bath. Hung out in local bars and been eating a lot.

The first evening we went to ”Mazel tov”. Amazing food, live music and such a nice styling. Really liked that place!

The next morning we went to Szechenyi thermal bath. Felt like something you ”should” do while in Hungary.

After the bath we stoped at a cafe close to the spa and shared a mango-cheesecake.

Continued the day with a walk across town to the fisherman’s bastion. So beautiful up there!

For dinner we went to a local restaurant and had ourselves a nice pot of goulash.

The evening ended in a nice bar with homemade beer and games to borrow while beeing there.