13 jan: W. 2

Been running and skiing a lot with our new multisport stroller, started making my own kombucha, hung out with friends and started working again! The plan is to do half a day at work and half a day from home each week, 20% so to say. The things I worked on before my maternaty leave are soon lanching so I will now start working on a totally new project. Am really excited! Have started ordering food online, so easy, and had a really good food prep day. Made so many containers with veggie stew and chili con carne. Love having good finished meals at home! Ended the week in Orsa Grönklitt with my parents. A lot of outdoors, inspiration & good food makes me so full of energy. More weeks like this please!


30 dec: W. 52

Been spending almost the whole week in Trysil. Christmas, skiing (with and without baby, both downhill and cross-country), spent time with friends and relatives, played with the dogs and just hung out. Only bad thing is that both Astrid and Robin got a cold. Back home we met up a couple of friends outside. Perfect ending of a really good week!


04 feb: A weekend in Stöten

Been speding the weekend with some friends from work. 3M Gagnefs leisure club, which I am chairman of, annually organizes a ski trip and this year we went to Stöten in Sälen. We had so much fun and so I think it´s so healty to spend some time with colleages outside of work. It went great to ski even though I’m in week 23 and barely could snap my pants together. Took it easy and controlled down the slopes and really tried to hold back so I wouldn´t fall, SO glad I didn´t. In addition to the knowledge of having a baby in the stomach, it felt as usual, no pains what so ever.