Mat & recept


20 jan: Kombucha

Har gjort min egen Kombucha. Så bra och lätt! Kombucha är ett fermenterat te med en rik källa av probiotika och bra bakterier. Först behöver du en Scoby, vatten, en stor glasburk, en trasa + gummiband, socker, te, ett par flaskor. Recept: 3 liter vatten4 matskedar te (eller 8 tepåsar)3 dl socker10% startkultur1 SCOBY Koka…

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28 apr: Todays lunch

Hallumi/zuccini/pepper/hummus/spinach/pickled onions & avocado on a tortilla. Yum! With a lemonade on the side. (My lemon-craving´s still strong)


22 apr: Food prep sunday

The kitchen inspiration has return after a while away. So today we made a lot of food, a zuccini/hallumi/pepper mix to have in tortillas, a zuccini-lasanga and a chili-bean-lens stew. Filled all our lunch boxes! We also baked some bread, made hummus and pickled onions. And last but not least a whole lot of chochlet-balls,…


18 feb: Sundays

Watched the olympics in bed. Ate breakfast and went swimming. Found out that crawling works fine with my pregnancy-pain. The hardest part was getting into the swimsuit since I have some troubles standing on one leg. At home we made a aubergine-lasanga from Food pharmacys recipie-book and a lot of salomon and sweet potatoes for…