For me charity is more than just giving money, I really want to see the difference! Something that made me turn to Michel Issas - World Aid Active a couple of years ago. An organisation I trust to 100% and has been a board member of in 2 years now.

24 jan: #WEAREONEgalan 2017

We did it! A lot of work turned out to something fantastic. So grateful. After having put together all the graphic material my job was to be the producer’s right hand. Make sure the right materials was completed in one of the screens so you could click out there in the right moment. Yes, it…

19 jan: From one work to another

Been a busy week with a lot going on with the charity-organisation, there is many things that needs to be ready before the upcoming gala this weekend.  Really looking forward to it though!

11 jan: Preparation for the gala

Lying in the bed working with World Aid Active / We are one Galan. Its only 10 days left and there is still a lot of things that needs to be done. Heres some pictures of last years VIP dinner.

01 dec: WEAREONE galan

Am working with WEAREONE Galan trough “World Aid Active” this year also. It will be the 21 of January and it will be amazing! Get your tickets here!