februari 6, 2018

A designer to admire, Cecilie Manz

Cecilie Manz´s a Danish designer for furnature and other home related products. Works with Fritz Hansen, B&O, Fredericia Furniture, Nils Holger Moormann, Lightyears, Muuto, Georg Jensen Damask, Iittala, Kähler, Offecct, Actus/Nissin and others.

“I view all my works as fragments of one big, ongoing story where the projects are often linked or related in terms of their idea, materials and aesthetics, across time and function. Some objects remain experiments or sculpted ideas, others are made more concrete and turn into functional tools.
The task or project itself often holds the key to inspiration; ideas don’t come from waiting but from leg-work, drafting and trials. My work goes from the inside out, and a project has to possess a sound, strong and relevant idea or functional justification before I address the actual physical design. My work has always revolved around simplicity, the process of working toward a pure, aesthetic and narrative object.”