30 mar: Teneriffa

Kom precis hem efter en fantastisk vecka på Teneriffa, Las Americas, med familjen och Robins mamma. Mycket sol, surf och chill. Bodde på Parque Santiago 3, ett riktigt fint lägenhetshotell nära stranden. Vädret var perfekt för oss, cirka 20-25 grader varje dag. Surf Jag hyrde ett bräde + våtdräkt fyra dagar under vår vecka där,…


16 feb: … And again.

Its been a really hot day today. Started out with some crawling in the pool before we went up and grabbed the boards and walked down to one of the closest beaches.


16 feb: On the board again!

Back on the board at my favorite beach today. The sun is shining and the water is full of various levels of surfers. Sometimes it feels like you are in the way for the more advanced surfers. But everyone here was very friendly and when you though that someone was going to jell at you for beeing…


15 feb: Trail-running in Anaga

Just a couple of kilometers north from our apartment there´s a big nature reserv with beautiful trails and amazing views. It was one of the first runs in a long time where i began to feel tired before my stomach gave up, if its because my stomache´s getting better or because i´m just not that…


11 feb: Tato!

Today we found Tato, probably the nices man on the island. He works with repairing and rent outs of surf boards. He gave us a really good price and a couple of  recommendations of good beaches. We went to Martianes and gaaah AMAZING! The waves was big but friendly and I maneged to stand up on my longest…