mars 1, 2017

The detective work – to figure out what is wrong with my stomach continues

Been at the doctors. In a couple of weeks they will go down with a camera down my throat. Something I wanted someone to do a long time now. Well I understand that it must be quite horrible but I really hate not knowing whats wrong with me, or how it looks like on the inside. So of course I was happy when the doctor told me that they wanted to do a further investigation. The big smile dissapeard when he told me that for them to get a accurate picture of my inside I needed to eat everything from now on. Especially things with gluten. Meaning that I will more or less destroy everything I have worked so hard on the last mouths. I just really really hope its worth it.

I also just took the decision that not participate in Nattvasan. How we ever though it was an good idea to start with my stomach not letting me ski more than a couple of kilometers is a joke. Its pretty sad though, another year.