november 18, 2018

Trysil in november

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Been spending the last couple of days in Trysil at Robins parents house. A lot of just hanging out (read hugging Floyd their new Breton-puppy), playing games and beeing outdoors.

Love the mountains this time of the year, the colors and this chill jet not cold weather. One day we decided to hike to ”Skagsvola”.

The trail takes along a mountain ridge 460 meter above the lake Engeren. The trail was easy with some rockier parts at the end. Astrid was on my stomach in the carrier the whole time.

Unfortainatly it was to foggy to see anything but it was a nice trip anyway.

This is how the view would look like:

This is what we saw:

After a fika at the top we walked down again and the fog lightend.

Next day we hiked from Fageråsen. Walked around the mountain on the new biketrail and the back for a lunch. The weather was really on our side this time! So beautiful!