mars 24, 2018

Week 30

Think tuesday was my last day at the 3M office, just the ride there, about 40mins, is more then my body can handle right now. Will try to work from home until she arrives and luckily that works fine though most of my work is done from a computer and all my meetings are over skype, mostly with international participants.

I just have to learn to set limits for myself. I can not handle the same work rate and load as before. Yesterday I wanted to finish a model so bad that I worked over several hours until I was shaking and bleeding nose blood. Not good …

I can feel that she grows and takes up more space now but am still not feeling heavy even if I have gained about 10 kilos. Am just feeling ungainly, and slow!

She´s a really active baby, kicks me all the time, and Im so glad for that. When it hurts it´s a great reminder of what to come.

Today I went to a children flea market at the church with Karin and Ines. So much good stuff for very little money. Celebrated with a bouquet of flowers on the way home.