mars 31, 2018

Week 31

Spent the day and the evening before at my grandparents, celebrating Easter with all my cousins on my mothers side. Had a really good time, everything was super-duper but I´ve been in a lot of pain.

The week has consisted of two visits to MVC, one for tests and listening to the babys heart (all good) and one for getting acupuncture. Have also been seeing a physiotherapist because of the pain and got to borrow a tensile-machine that might make it a little better.

Trying to keep my spirit up and do what I can, but nothing has been useful so far, probably need to be more patient.

Thankful that there´s still some ways I can work out though. Both crawling and mtb works fine! Yesterday we took a longer ride around Varpan, about 25 km.

Workouts of the week: Crawling one day, biking two days and strength exercises two days.