10 apr: iF Design Award 2020

Fick för ett tag sedan reda på att vår hjälm vunnit ytterligare ett designpris, nämligen ett “iF Design Award”. Väldigt roligt! “The 3M SecureFit™ safety helmet is designed for use in construction, oil, gas, utilities, forestry and manufacturing. It can be tailored to multiple different applications and used with a range of hearing, eye and face protection products. Ergonomics show in its light weight, improved protection, and a shorter brim for better visibility. It provides excellent ventilation, fit and stability due to an innovative suspension system. The form language is inspired by sports. The geometry consists of a rigid reassuring structure, signaling safety. Minimal material use and easily separable parts make recycling easy.”


10 maj: Red dot design award 2019

Vår hjälm har vunnit en “Red dot” inom produktdesign, jättekul! This certified safety helmet allows for the use of diverse accessory parts to meet the demands of different applications in various configurations. Its reduced weight enhances safety, as does the shorter brim, which enables better visibility. The helmet’s ventilation system, good fit and innovative, stabilising interior design round off the concept. The aesthetics of the helmet conveys safety, and the use of minimum material and easily separable parts simplifies recycling. Statement by the Jury Flexibility and adaptability make the SecureFit X5000 safety helmet a versatile part of personal protective equipment.


22 dec: Work!

Saw this ad for our helmet at LinkedIn yesterday. Crazy to see the stuff you worked with for so long out there like this. Am going back to work for 20% after new years. Am feeling inspired!