maj 8, 2018

Pregnancy workout from home

During this later period of the pregnancy It has really been nice to have a workout-room. To be able to easly do some strength exercises without having to go to the gym. Especially with my pelvic pain.

For me focus have been to streaghten the back with exercises I got from the physiotherapist but have tried to do remember the whole body, and to do something every day. Some exercies that have worked good for me the whole time is, Squats, both with and without extra weight. Triceps dips. Curls with weights. Push-ups. Kb-swings and Hip raises.

With my pelvic pain I found out that I needed to do exercises where my legs were paralell to each other. Moving just one leg has been extremly painful now in the third trimester, like superman, that i did a lot in the beginning of my pregnancy.