april 6, 2018

Natural shower

Here´s the only products I use in the shower.

A soap from Dr.Bronners made out of organic oils. The one we have is unscented unlike their other soaps. They probably smells better but I like it as clean as possible and it´s a big plus that it´s baby friendly. I have replaced the cork with a pump, think that´s more practical.

Dr. Bronners soaps can be used for almost everything, from baby care to cleaning your car. I use this in the shower for cleaning my body and as a shaving cream together with my safety-razor with replaceable blades.

I have heard that it´s good for cleaning your hair as well (and works with no-poo) so maybee I will use it for that when I´m finished with the Brun 03 conditioner, depending of our financial situation at the moment ; ) Apart from beeing expensive, Bruns 03 is the best conditioner I have tried, even though I like the idea of reducing yet another hygiene product.

When I feel a little dry, I use a body-buff from Eco Tools. That´s it!