mars 10, 2018

Week 28

New week today, 28, hurray! Celebrated with going crawling and to the flea market. Found a nice cast iron pan fron Ronneby bruk and finally got rid of the old teflon pans we had at home. Am trying to replace our kitchen utensils for better alternatives but it´s expencise so I prefer to find the new ones 2nd hand and that takes both time and patiance.

Since my movement is really limited at the moment we are spending a lot of time at home, and espacially in the kitchen. Baking healthy breads/ snacks, cooking and food prepping. Going through recepies and finding new favourites. Both me and Robin´s really into food and health so we´re enyojing it a lot.

Am trying hard to focus on the positive things right now. Obviously, I cave down in the realization that I can not move without extreme pain now and then (like every time I´m on social media), but I really an trying to focus on what I can do without comparing my situation with others.

…And in just three months we will (hopefully) have a little girl in our arms. Which is absolutely incredible. The women’s body is absolutely incredible! Easy to forget in times of pain.