februari 20, 2018


Today I needed to leave work before lunch because of my pelvic-pain, I just couldn’t take it no more. Luckely I can work from home as well. Will probably need to do more of that from now on, don´t know how I will manage working 3 more months otherwise.

I see now how naive I was believing somehow that just because I was young and strong and was feeling really good it would last the whole pregnancy. Like I was immune to pregnancy inconveniences or something. Had a picture in my head where I uptil the birth was able to move and workout without any bigger problems. Just days ago I was planning the next randonee-trip in my head, now I almost need help to get up from bed.

Sent Robin down town to buy a pelvic-belt that seems to help a little at least. Trying to stay positive hoping, begging and praying for tha pain to go away. Even if I just want to lay down and cry, it gives me perspective, a reminder not to take things for granted and so on…