mars 8, 2017

8th of March

International womens day, and even if I don´t really feel like a superwomen today I have learned over the years that allowing yourself to feel anything than positive feelings is a streangth as well.

My stomach keeps getting worse, guess thats the point with this whole preparation. In a way it´s a good thing, shows that at least some of my stomach problems are due to the food I eat. Havnt been able to go to work since I´ve started eating gluten and dairy again. Thankful that I can work from home, most of my meetings are over skype and for doing what I do in this state of the project all I need is markers and paper for sketching and the computer for CAD, I miss all the social with going to work though.

Right now I can´t manage a walk from the bed to the kitchen without having cramps, and it gets worse after every meal. Trying to make the best out of this but it’s not easy, am trying to keep myself busy with reading books and paint but gaah what I miss to work out, clear my head on a slow long run. Constantly trying to remind myself that I´m not a victim, I´m doing this for me, so that I can be good for real in a couple of months.