maj 30, 2018

Natural haircare: Aleppo soap

Since my Bruns 03 conditioner (which I loved) ran out I decided to take my no poo hair care to the next level and just use an organic aleppo soap (Bought my from for about 100kr).

Why? Since It´s a hard soap, it´s very long lasting, it works good for both the body and the hair, it´s 100% natural and it´s cheap. Plus that I heard many who only needs to wash their hair once a week after started using it (with fantastic healty looking hair all the days between). Maybee sounds a bit to good to be true but since I got so long, thick hair a bottle of conditioner goes pretty fast, so I´m willing to try.

After washing the hair with the soap I rinse with something sour (heard you should do that for the Ph-balance). Have tried apple cider vinegar/lemon mixed with water, the lemon mix smells better even though the vinegar smell dissapears when the hair dries.

Have cut our bar into half and have one in a jar to bring on adventures, together with a spray bottle with the sour-rinse.

The result: Have used the soup for about two weeks and the scalp feels great, stays clean and fresh for a long time. Robin´s hair got the same result, looks really fresh for many days.

My lengths however, at first they felt very harsh and the hair became electric. Read about people who had gotten the same result at the beginning but then passed, so I decided to hold out for a while and it has gotten better. To rinse the soap a lot with cold water is importent for me.

Many months later:
When we finished our first bar I bough a new one. This time with 24% Laurel Oil instead of 12%. My hair and Robins scalp both enjoy the 24% a lot more.

Still don´t think I can go a whole week with a fresh looking non washed hair but maybee thats to much to ask for.