14 maj: Favorite intervals!

I love to run and really feel that both my body and mind are doing so much better with just 1-2 runs/week. Robin in just the same and Astrid enyojs the stroller so we’re a good team. Am very happy that it feels so good after the pregnancy & childbirth!

My new favorite is 90-60-30 second intervals in 4 cycles, with one minute rest between each interval. Tough and effective just as I want it. Am using the app ”Interval timer” where I entered the pass in advance. Dreaming of a fancy watch that can help keep track of the time me but for now the phone will do.

Have decided to make this exercise once a week and am already feeling a bit faster!

05 maj: Baby update – 11 months

Astrid is now 11 months and crawls, gets up, goes with her walking cart and is able to stand alone for a few seconds. She is steady but cautious so has not tried to walk alone yet. Has two teeth coming but no one has come through the gums yet. She loves to swing, and babblarna.


She eats whatever we eat. Am not as strict with salt anymore. Have bought a twisted fork and spoon that is supposed to help her eat by herself, she can put it in her mouth but needs help getting food on. Otherwise she still prefer eating with her hands. She eats when we do and breastfeeds inbetween and at night if she wants to.


After a fall out of bed one morning we have start putting her to sleep in her own bed. She still wakes up a couple of hours later and wants to come over to our bed but it’s a start. During the day she have two naps and falls asleep around 8-8:30.

05 apr: Baby update – 10 months

Our little baby is now crawling on her knees and gets up in standing position if she has something to hold on to. Shes a lot more movable than last month, really keeps us on our toes. Been out traveling and it went super great! Shes so amazing, the amount of love Im feeling. Theres no words!


She eats mostly by herself , not as fun to be fed. It gets messy, but as long as she enjoys eating its worth it! I still nurse her, day and night. Been thinking that I should stop feed her during the night but its so easy to just give her some so we both fall back to sleep as fast as possible. Bought Ann Fernholms latest book to learn more about food for kids.


She sleeps two times during the day. And sleeps in our bed at night. Wakes up 2-3 times for food/snuggle. Have tried to put her in her bed but she hates it. I really like having her in our bed but am a bit affraid that she might fall down from it soon.


Besides from beeing hit by a cold the last days everything is really good. Am feeling so blessed!

30 mar: Tenerife

Just got home after an amazing week in Tenerife, Las Americas, with the family and Robins mom. A lot of sun, surf and chill. Stayed at Parque Santiago 3, a really nice apartment hotel close to the beach. The weather was perfect for us, around 20-25 degrees every day.

The surf

I rented a board + wetsuit four days during our week there, costed 10€/day. Since we stayed really close to Playa las americas I only surfed there. Did’nt feel the need to go anywhere else, the waves were sooo good! Big enough to be easy to get up on but at the same time not so big that you need to dive under the waves getting out. We only surfed on the low tide due to the reef ground. I guess thats the only negative about that beach. Even if felt fully safe in the water i prefer an all sand ground.

Astrid slept in the stroller or played in the UV tent on the beach.

The food

We eat most of the meals in the apartment but eat some meals out as well. The best one was ”The burger cafe”, a super fresch place with a mix of burgers, wraps, buddha bowls and salads. Eat a Buddha bowl that was just amazing togheter with a ginger lemonade. Mm mmm mmmm!

Another recomendation is ”Suka fruit coctail”, a fruit cafe with the best cheesecake I have ever tasted!

Travel with baby

Enjoyed travelling with Astrid so much! To explore with her, seeing her see things for the first time is the best!

As this was our first time flying with Astrid so didnt really know what to excpect. Luckely she was so saticfied! I nursed her for take off and landing and between that she just sat in our lap, slept or played. I carried her in our ergobaby carrier on the airport.

At the hotel she slept in our bed at night, like she does at home, even if they had a baby bed in the apartment. We also got a baby chair for eating.

At the pool we had her in the shadow as much as we could. In her stroller if she slept or holding her if she were awake. In the pool she had a hat, bathing diaper and a UV onepiece on. She didnt bath so much since she thought it was to cold (was around 27 degrees). Had bought an expensive eco baby sunscreen in case the sun was to bright but I didnt feel the need for it so we never used it,

We lent a travel stroller from my best friend that we checked in at the airport. Soo glad we did that! She slept really good in it during the day and was super happy just sitting there looking when she was awake. We even went running with her in it every morging.

Really just loved having her around, travelling with a 10M baby is so much fun and easy, especially if you bring a grandma!