juni 1, 2018

Natural kitchen

Have gone through the kitchen and got rid of a lot of bad stuff (from a chemical point of veiw).

First things first. Plastic is a good material, but not when it´s warm and not in our body. So I started to get rid of all plastic that comes in contact with heat (Chemicals from the plastic releases in heat) and then got a bit carried away…

  • Got rid of our old teflon pans and got two lightweigh cast iron pans instead. Bough one new and one on a fleamarket, thats the charm with cast iron, the older the better!
  • Got rid of all plastic lunch boxes and got glass ones instead. Kept the small plastic ones, perfect for salad and to bring fika on adventures.
  • Got rid of all plastic kitchen tools and got stainless/wooden ones instead.
  • Got rid of our plastic strainer and got a stainless instead.
  • Got rid of all plastic cutting boards and got wooden ones instead.

Also changed to…

  • Fabric dishclothes
  • Natural dish bruches
  • Cellulose sponges
  • Natural dish soap
  • Natural cleaning products

Still havn´t changed to natural dish washer machine products. But will do when I run out.

I almost changes our plastic bowels to stainless ones but did´nt becouse of the prices. Didn´t feel that important ater all, a plastic bowl used exclusively for cold things is not dangerous for anyone anyway.

I almost got rid of all plastic water bottles but Robin made me realize that they are pretty good to have when exercising (even if I only drink from my Kleen canteen bottle then as well).

I almost bough washable coffee filters, and then I almost sewed own ones, haha. Yes I could save some money and spare myself and the enviroment from some chemicals, but when it came down to it, it felt like to much effort.