maj 9, 2018


This weeks working-week has come to an end and I´m feeling really good. Healthy and not as broken as I have felt the last months. Met my midwife today and she felt that our baby is lying really low and that´s probably why I´m feeling more stabile in the pelvic area.

After lunch our R&D team met up at my bosses house for a brainstorming & dinner-afternoon. Really nice to meet them in person instead of just talking over skype as we have done since I started to work from home (even if that works really good as well). It feels a bit strange that I only have 2 weeks left to work before my parental-leave, I love my job but I must say that with all the pain it feels good to just take it really slow before the baby arrives.

Back at home we went for a coffee and icecream by the lake, of course we brought the cat. Love the warm & sunny weather!