april 29, 2018

Week 35

One week closer! I can feel and see how she´s moving a lot and it´s so lovely. Have been feeling a lot of contractions the last week as well, hopefully she decides to stay inside a little longer but it feels good to know that she´s fixed if she arrives earlier than expected.

Have gained about 13 kg but doesnt feel heavy at all jet. Matter of fact I have felt incredibly good the last few days. Been able to walk without that much pain at all, yesterday I took over 10 000 steps, and today I was able to take a walk around the lake close by with a longer stop at the outdoor gym. Everything was sooo good until we took a short trip to IKEA to fix some stuff. Car-rides…  Now I lie in bed and can not move at all. Typically when I thought I had gotten better for good.

Other from my current pain the back it´s all good. It´s funny how you can feel so broken and strong at the same time.