Natural hudvård


13 okt: Natural skincare

I think it´s really fun with skincare and beauty products. Have tried many different brands and products over the years. Has taken me through the jungle, been tricked by several “miracle products” and with professional help learned more about my particular skin type. Good facecare products have always been important to me since I have a sensitive skin. However, it´s only the last year that I have switched to completely organic products, even for my body. Why organic: Safer for my skin and health, the planet and animals. Our skin is our largest organ and what you put on it is just as important to your health and well-being as what you eat. When it comes to skincare I don´t think I ever will use anything other then certified organic. I just don´t want any bullshit on/in my body, but it´s hard to know who to trust. The truth is,…


15 maj: Natural oil skin care

Have bought a couple of different organic oils and bottles from Opella to make my own skin care. Fun, natural and comparatively cheap. For the face oil I used: Almond, argan, jojoba, sesame and wheat germ oil. For the clensing oil I used: Ricin, almond, argan & jojoba oil. For the body oil I used: Almond, argan, jojoba, sesame oil and essential lavender oil. Exciting to see how my skin will react.


06 apr: Natural shower

Here´s the only products I use in the shower. A soap from Dr.Bronners made out of organic oils. The one we have is unscented unlike their other soaps. They probably smells better but I like it as clean as possible and it´s a big plus that it´s baby friendly. I have replaced the cork with a pump, think that´s more practical. Dr. Bronners soaps can be used for almost everything, from baby care to cleaning your car. I use this in the shower for cleaning my body and as a shaving cream together with my safety-razor with replaceable blades. I have heard that it´s good for cleaning your hair as well (and works with no-poo) so maybee I will use it for that when I´m finished with the Brun 03 conditioner, depending of our financial situation at the moment ; ) Apart from beeing expensive, Bruns 03 is the best…