maj 19, 2018

Week 38

Week 38, It´s getting closer! The last week were a really painful week. My pelvic pain that I though were dissapearing came back big time. So much that I decided to work my last day on friday (yesterday) instead of next friday that were my original plan. Feels like the right decision to give priority to the body and to rest before the baby arrives. Not every time I´m smart enough to put my body before my work, I usally just keep going, so I´m proud. Feels a bit strange though, having done my last workday for so long, strange but nice.

Otherwise the baby seems healthy and that´s most importent. She´s very active and that´s fun, can feel her kicking me all the time. Despite the pelvic-pain, I think I will miss having her in the stomach.

My latest crawing: Strawberrys!