september 1, 2018

Hiking with baby

At home after a really nice hike in ”Fulufjällen”. Three days of amazing weather and beautiful views, outdoor eating and a lot of lemmel coffee. Autumn and mountains, what a great combination!

Hikining with a baby went well. Astrid loves our Ergobaby carrier so she was very saticfied. She also thought it was very cozy to sleep in a tent. However, sharing a sleeping bag with her was a bit difficult as it was too cold to have it a bit open, which made the night feeding a little more tricker.

The first day we walked to ”Njupeskärs-fallet” and then up to Rörsjön where we stayed the night. The next day we left the heaviest things and walked to Harrsjön and the day after to Getsjön. So beautiful!

We had planned to stay another day but we ran out of diapers.