juni 26, 2018

Baby update – Week 3

Third week with our baby girl. Astrid is doing well, best baby ever. Eat, sleeps & grows. Been taking walks outside every day and am starting to find some routines in our new everyday life, it feels really good.

In the evenings, we have started to go to different lakes and watched daddy swim his was closer to Iron Man Kalmar, and played cards, of course.

So far we have had one though night. Think she gets a bit worried of the D-drops, took it too late one night and it was not fun for anyone. Otherwise, she is a very comfortable girl most of the time.

The days have been filled with visits so far but it´s starting to cool off. Love the company, getting a bit tired of all the fika. We havn´t had the helthiest weeks since she arrived so to say.

I feel that my body is getting more and more restored. It does not hurt as much anymore but I still bleeding and feel that I have a way to go before I dare to do other than the Mammamage-exercises or take long walks.