augusti 7, 2018

Norwegian roadtrip

Our first longer roadtrip with our mini adventurer went to Norway, of course. Can´t get enough of that country! First we drove to Trysil to change to a camper and to pick up ”bestemor” who was going with us.

Unlike last year’s activity-filled roadtrip this was far more baby adapted. Focus this year was to see beautiful places and hang out. With a baby we didnt dare to plan too much, just took everything as it came. I had looked up some beatiful places I would like to see/visit so we had a direction.

The next day we drove from Trysil to Nordberg with some stops for food, fika and feeding on the way. Stoped for the night at Dønfoss Camping, I’m not really a camping girl, I think it’s more adventure to stand in the wilderness. This camping, however, was incredibly beautiful. Robin and I cycled/ took a run while Astrid was with her grandmother. It was the first time I was more than 15 minutes away from her and it worked really well, she’d been so satisfied.

The next morning we continued the trip. I had read that ”Gamle strynvegen” was very beautiful so we took it. For Anita (and the rest of the cars) great luck we had brought a bike. So instead of screaming her way through every curve she took the bike. It became a very nice experience for all after all. So beautiful!

Our next destination for us was ”Lovatnet” where we stoped for a bike ride/ run / swim and icecream. This lake is one of the most beautiful i´ve seen! So happy we took a little detour to see it!

The next day we drove to Ålesund. SO beautiful and cozy city! Walked around looking at the beautiful buildings and took the stairs to the veiwpoint there we had a fika at fjellstuan.

At the evening we took the camper to ”trollveggen” there we spend the night. The next morning we continued the trip back home. On the way we stoped at ”Avdemsbue”, a super nice café with a lot of local products. Find it on ”Outt”, gotta love that app!

Our last stop was for a swim at Osen sjön before we came back to Trysil there we spend the night with good food, company and card games.

Conclusion, roadtripping with Astrid was super fun and easy. She slept when we were driving and was very saticfied when we was´nt.  We had no real problems at all, everything went very good and we will defenetly do it again! So happy we brought our Ergobaby carrier and Babysitter though, real lifesavers!